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Do I need touch-ups?

The first appointment is about structure, design, and building a layer of layer of pigment for a very natural look and a more defined shape.
In a lot of cases, only a minor touch-up is necessary to fill in areas that may not have healed properly.

To keep a more subtle look, some do choose to skip having a touch-up appointment after the first session.

If you are opting for a bolder, more filled-in look, or need more layering for dimension, then a touch-up is recommended to layer more pigment into your skin

Some may need a 3rd session to complete the process. Especially if you have little to no hair to begin with, have scar tissue, oily skin type, didn’t follow aftercare properly, or we are trying to cover up an old tattoo.

After you have completed your perfecting sessions, it is recommended that you should wait until after one year to go over the area again. Even if it has faded before one year, you can fill in with makeup and wait at least a full year before coming back. Getting touch-ups too often, too soon is not good for your skin in the long run.

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