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What should I expect after my treatment?

Immediately after:
Your new tattoo will be quite bold and feel tender.

Next Day:
The tattoo will appear reddish as your scabs begin to form

Next few days:
The scab will develop and turn very dark making it appear thicker than it originally was.
Day 5-14 (depending on your skin):
Scabs will slowly flake off and reveal a muted foggy milky color underneath.

During the scabbing phase, you may not get the area wet for too long, sweat heavily, wear makeup on the area, or anything that would cause the scabs to lift off prematurely.

Week 2-6:
Your pigment color will slowly become more vibrant and will be fully healed at 6 weeks. You must avoid sun exposure for at least 4 weeks before and after your appointments.

Please see review the entire Aftercare and plan your schedule accordingly

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